about the club

We're changing minds and defining our strengths.

These Club members can be the most academically gifted, mechanically advanced, creative thinkers that are simply stifled by the reading and writing process. Sometimes belonging to this club can feel like there's only one member, you or your child. But, research shows there's lots of members.

I created the 20% Club because I want to change the way that we think about learning differences. It's a a place where struggling readers can find effective reading remediation that can begin tomorrow.


Don't wait any longer for effective research-supported reading and writing solutions. Lyn Haselmann is a Barton Tutor certified at the Advanced Level and an Orton-Gillingham Practitioner who offers specialized reading, spelling and handwriting solutions from a strength-based perspective. We are passionate educators that know the struggles and how to effectively teach children and adults.

Reading, Writing & Spelling

If you have a struggling reader, you need a research-proven, multi-sensory tutoring system that will greatly improve reading and spelling may or may not be attributed to dyslexia or a learning disability. Services offered include Orton-Gillingham Tutoring (through the Barton Reading & Spelling System), Foundations in Sound (Lindamood Bell LiPs Alternative) and Student Writing Intensive for Middle Schoolers. These are 1:1 services. Select this link to learn more about the Our Services.

Screening services are available to provide information that will help determine whether or not a client fits the classic profile of dyslexia. This process is not intended for use in determining eligibility for school-based intervention. See our Services & Methods page for more information.


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Phone: 651-245-2858
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White Bear Township, MN
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